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Your turnkey Information Security Awareness campaign

Empower your employees

Empower your employees by changing their behaviour and making them aware of cyber risks with Awareness Expert and take control of your Information Security Awareness campaign yourself.
Kick-off meeting

Designing your ISS campaign

To guarantee the success of your Information Security Awareness campaign, you need to be able to count on the involvement of every department in your organisation. During the development phase of your security training campaign, Awareness Expert invites all the managers of your company to a Kick-off meeting : Management, HR, IT, Communication, etc. During this meeting, your Awareness Expert informs all the stakeholders of the project's challenges and objectives. The aim is to involve all employees but also to customise the communication style to suit your company and its environment. Following this first session, your awareness-raising expert will draw up a retro-planning presenting the various actions of your campaign.

Deployment of a turnkey ISS campaign

Now that the broad guidelines of your awareness plan have been established at the Kick-off meeting, your campaign can be deployed. The campaign begins by preparing your environment to implement and deploy the Terranova Security solution to all your employees. Then, in order to fine-tune the training program, your users are subjected to a first quiz in order to evaluate the level of awareness of your organization and to highlight the sensitive points. During a second campaign management meeting, Awareness Expert helps you analyse the results of this questionnaire in order to complete your training programme and address the vulnerabilities.

Monitoring and analysis of the campaign

Your Information Security Awareness trainer provides you with statistical reports detailing the results of the campaign. Course completion rates, quiz results, analysis of KPIs and user behaviour during phishing simulations, Serious Game or Cyber Challenge... Awareness Expert provides you with all the necessary analysis elements to enable you to measure the performance of your security training campaign.

A learning process designed to optimise information retention

Using a proven method, Awareness Expert helps you implement an Information Security Awareness campaign that maximises information acquisition, comfort and retention.
This method consists of doing many small and diversified trainings of a few minutes throughout the campaign. The annual training time for an employee is approximately 1.15 hours

Manages service

Awareness Expert takes control of your SSI campaign

Awareness Expert is a team of experts specialised in cybersecurity awareness. You can also entrust Awareness Expert with all or part of the management and follow-up of your Information Security Awareness campaign.
Preparation of a detailed retroplanning
Creation and import of level and activity groups
Help in choosing training topics and materials
Preparation of the LMS (Learning Management System) environment
Choice of communication tools (posters, newsletters)
Customisation of mail templates and communication tools
Access and authentication management
Helping to develop the pre- and post-campaign awareness-raising quiz,
Implementation and analysis of phishing simulations
Preparation of statistical reports on the follow-up and results of the campaign

Test, analyse and remediate employee vulnerability to protect your corporate data

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