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Assess the vulnerability of your users with phishing tests

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Phishing test, a concrete and effective training tool

In order to analyse the behaviour of your teams, throughout your cybersecurity training awareness campaign, Awareness Expert sets up phishing simulations. Using examples of real threats and customised to your environment and your users, these phishing tests are carried out to analyse user behaviour. The objective? To highlight the vulnerabilities of each user and then reinforce the vigilance of your users and your corporate data through your information security awareness campaign. The partnership between Terranova and Microsoft allows us to have recent phishing exercises that are very close to realization, especially in the Office 365 environment.

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Phishing :
mechanisms and risks

Phishing attacks are carried out by hackers in order to extort users' personal data or, in a professional environment, their company data. By impersonating a trusted person or organisation, hackers try to contact their targets by e-mail, telephone or via the company's intranet. The only purpose of these attempts is to try to get the target to reveal information such as connection identifiers, which will then give them free access to all or part of the company data that will be used for fraudulent purposes (deletion, resale, etc.).

How to protect yourself from phishing attacks?

Firstly, it is important to know how to recognise a phishing attempt. Although they are always more inventive and skilfully disguised, phishing attempts leave more or less obvious indications of their purpose that must be identified. Methodically, various rules and systematic checks, correctly applied, can be sufficient to identify and thwart a threat.
In addition, awareness-raising can teach the right behaviour to adopt with regard to the risks involved in a phishing attack and the responsibility that this represents. Educating your users about the risks of phishing is the most effective way to minimise the chances of a successful phishing attack.

Phishing testing at the heart of your SSI campaign

Through an information security awareness campaign, Awareness Expert carries out several phishing simulations with your users. Thanks to the results obtained during these simulations, you will be able to :
  • Know the resistance of your users,
  • Orient the training campaign to address the vulnerabilities they have revealed,
  • Check the application of the training knowledge,
  • Know the progress of your users,
  • Analyse the effectiveness of your ISS campaign.
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Customised phishing simulations based on real threats

To be as effective as possible, when planning your information security awareness campaign, Awareness Expert helps you to develop realistic phishing simulations. Customisation of fraudulent messages and websites, impersonation of an existing service or user, phishing test adapted to the role within the company... Your cybersecurity awareness training expert is inspired by real methods used by hackers and bases your phishing simulations on concrete and current examples of attacks. The aim is obviously not to do everything possible to trick your employees, but to reproduce as faithfully as possible the reality of the threats they may face.

Exclusive phishing simulations modeled on your Microsoft 365 environment

As a Microsoft partner, Terranova Security offers customizable phishing simulations that are perfectly adapted to the Microsoft suite. Thanks to its partnership with the Information Security Awareness platform, Awareness Expert has the exclusive right to offer you phishing tests to be carried out directly on your Microsoft 365 environment. Inspired by real-life cyber attacks, your phishing tests are carried out under optimal simulation conditions to measure the level of vigilance and awareness of your employees in terms of cyber security.

Test, analyse and remediate employee vulnerability to protect your corporate data

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